about uncle charlie


Since 2015 Uncle Charlie has been working with amazing clients to create memorable experiences

Uncle Charlie is not your ordinary Celebrant & MC. With a warm and engaging personality, Uncle Charlie brings a unique touch of charm and professionalism to every event. Known for his ability to connect with guests of all ages and backgrounds, he effortlessly creates an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. From intimate weddings to grand galas, Uncle Charlie is dedicated to making your event a remarkable experience for you and your guests.

Uncle Charlie will be your trusted guide, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable wedding day. From introducing the wedding party to coordinating speeches and toasts, he ensures that your day unfolds flawlessly.

Whether you're hosting a gala, awards ceremony, or corporate retreat, Uncle Charlie brings professionalism and enthusiasm to your event. He keeps the audience engaged and sets the tone for a successful gathering.

From Birthdays, anniversaries and everything in between, Uncle Charlie adds a touch of excitement and charm to your private parties. Let him be the life of the party and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests